Secure, sustainable e-waste treatment

Equipment processing, data erasure and treatment​

Your collection is allocated to a dedicated engineer. We start working on the job within 24 hours of it being returned to National IT Disposal.

The equipment is separated into data holding and non-data holding respectively. From here, all equipment is catalogued in preparation for your asset report. Your asset report lists each item collected and includes: Brand, model, serial number, specification and a unique National IT Disposal asset number.

Based on your requirements, data-bearing media is either erased using government-approved software or shredded down to 6mm particles, ensuring all stored data is permanently and irreversibly eliminated. An itemised certificate of data destruction for all data-bearing media is then generated for your records.

Equipment that is not fit for remarketing is fully decommissioned into raw materials. With our 0% landfill policy all recovered material is completely recycled, ready to be used to manufacture new products.