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IT Disposal

Our Most Popular FAQ's

Data Destruction

Our Most Popular FAQ's


National IT Disposal is here to support your organisation through the IT lifecycle process. We tailor the solutions supplied on a case-by-case basis to encompass your organisation’s needs, therefore delivering consistent satisfaction. We ensure that our clients act in accordance with all related legislation, providing peace of mind and security. We also continuously optimise and review our processes, ensuring that they align with the latest legislation and technological advances, enabling us continually to provide the most outstanding service.

We cover all of the UK mainland, and guarantee collection from any mainland location within five working days.

  1. Our facility is protected by a 24/7 monitored alarm system. 
  2. CCTV and on-site security monitor the business park we operate in.
  3. The facility is also monitored externally by our own HD CCTV cameras that include true day-night vision and motion-detection analysis.
  4. Vehicles are unloaded inside the facility and in the full view of CCTV.
  5. Only authorised and vetted personnel are granted access to the facility by a controlled access system. 
  6.  We have site gates, external fencing, anti ram posts, shutters, window bars and other physical security measures in operation.
  1. Our facility is ours alone; it is not shared with any other organisation.
  2. All internal access points have controlled entry systems, with restricted staff access as appropriate.
  3. Every staff member is DBS enhanced verified.
  4. HD CCTV cameras with true day-night vision and motion-detection are installed, delivering full internal coverage of our processing facility.
  5. Visitors have their identification and credentials verified before entering the data processing area. This includes drivers, tradesmen and office visitors.
  6. Visitors wear visible badges and vests. They are escorted by senior staff at all times.
  7. We operate a right to search policy and conduct daily random searches.

National IT Disposal does not subcontract any work or employ subcontractors.

All staff employed by National IT Disposal are DBS Enhanced checked as standard.

Due to the nature of some of our collections, we can provide staff with enhanced clearances, including a Counter-Terrorist Check and an enhanced standard Security Check.

Yes, we have a secure online client portal where clients can view their reports, official documentation, certificates and details of jobs at any time. Clients can also request a collection through their portal.

A successful IT Asset Disposal process needs a high level of transparency, and this starts with reporting through every stage of the process from start to finish. Our reports are in-depth and detailed, yet easy to follow.

Reporting can be customised to your requirements but as a minimum we provide:

  • A contract between ourselves and our clients
  • An itemised asset report
  • Waste transfer documentation
  • Hazardous waste consignment notes
  • Data sanitisation / destruction certificates

National IT Disposal holds the following insurances:

  • Public Liability
  • Employee Liability
  • Cyber Security
  • Professional Indemnity

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IT Disposal:

Information Technology Asset Disposal is the professional practice of responsibly removing excess, outdated or undesired IT equipment for recycling or reuse, ensuring strict uncompromisable data security compliance and environmental protection.

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • All In Ones
  • Projectors
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Server Racks
  • MacBook’s
  • iMac’s
  • RAID Arrays
  • Plotters
  • Network Storage
  • Telephone Systems
  • Tablets & Mobile Phones
  • Network Routers
  • Other IT Equipment

In most cases we are able to provide a free of charge service. This is possible as equipment can often have residual value that we can use to offset our processing costs and even generate a positive return for our clients. However, if the equipment you have for recycling will not cover internal costs, a quote will be provided prior to the arrangement of a collection.

No, your collection operative will containerise the equipment in their vehicle after asset tagging it. We strongly advise that equipment be stored in a safe and secure environment on your site before collection to prevent and mitigate the risk of data breaches.

Our collection service operates seven days a week. We will collect your equipment when it suits you best. We suggest collecting in 5 days (if this is suitable for you) from initial contact to help mitigate data breaches on your site, and we can also deliver our service out of standard working hours.

  • Our entire fleet operates CCTV.
  • Every vehicle is satellite tracked so our logistics team know its location in real time.
  • All drivers are DBS enhanced checked.
  • All vehicles are equipped with upgraded security – mechanical and electrical.
  • We only operate solid sided vehicles.
  • Imposter prevention- Collection operatives photo ID, details and van registration plate are provided prior to the collection.
  • Imposter prevention- Every collection is assigned a unique collection code which your collection operative will relay upon arrival to your site.
  • All equipment is asset tagged upon loading, the audit trail starts as soon as we arrive on your site.
  • All equipment is returned to and unloaded at our facility on the same day as the collection. 

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Each year, approximately 2 million tonnes of WEEE items are discarded by households and companies in the UK. WEEE includes most products that have a plug or need a battery.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) became legislation in 2007. The directive aims to reduce the amount of WEEE being disposed of via landfill and promote reuse wherever possible.

Businesses and organisations can no longer treat WEEE as general waste and instead need to implement a policy to ensure that their WEEE is retired in line with the directive. As the process is relatively complex, businesses and organisations should engage the services of an external IT disposal company to facilitate the process.

All equipment undergoes data sanitisation / data destruction (dependant on your requirements).

Equipment that cannot be reused post data sanitisation is disassembled, and materials are then segregated for recycling and reuse in recycled products.

All physically destroyed  material is recycled after successful destruction.

No. E-waste is never exported. We operate entirely in the UK, abiding by stringent UK legislation.

Yes, we can supply a range of storage containers to facilitate your needs, from secure crates to lockable 20 foot containers.  

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Data Destruction:

Data sanitisation is the process of deliberately, permanently and irreversibly removing or destroying the data stored on a memory device to make it unrecoverable. The Data Sanitisation software verifies that once stored data no longer exists.

A device that has been sanitised has no usable residual data, and even with the assistance of advanced forensic tools, the data will never be recovered.

All Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Disks (SSD) are data sanitised using White Canyon overwriting software. White Canyon WipdeDrive is approved for all mechanical drives and is also approved for SSDs.

WipeDrive has received certification from the British National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Commercial Product Assurance scheme (CPA) for data sanitisation. This certification process involved fifteen months of in-depth testing and evaluation of the WipeDrive software.

A certificate is produced for every successfully erased drive, including the drive’s make, model, and serial number.

Any hard drive that fails the data sanitisation process for any reason is degaussed and physically destroyed on-site at National IT Disposal.

Physical destruction renders storage media completely unusable, this is achieved by shredding or crushing. Physical destruction makes data unreadable by destroying the component on which it is held, ensuring that it cannot be recovered.

Data bearing components are physically destroyed via either shredding or crushing, in conjunction with degaussing. Our dual physical destruction strategy is fail-safe, and it is impossible to recover data after physical destruction is completed.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. UK businesses need to comply with GDPR for the handling, storing and disposing of sensitive data. Sensitive data is any information that can be used to identify an individual. Put simply, it’s any private details that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Any incident that leads to sensitive data being lost, stolen, destroyed, or changed is considered a data breach. Fines for data breaches can be as much 4% of annual turnover or £17.5 million, whichever is greatest.

A vital principle of the GDPR is to protect against data loss; this is most likely to happen when disposing of redundant IT equipment. Our secure IT disposal, accredited data sanitisation and physical destruction services ensure that your organisation maintains GDPR compliance throughout the IT asset retirement process. Our services protect your organisation from the increasingly expensive fines associated with a data breach. National IT Disposal provides documentation, audit trails and certificates of data sanitisation & destruction to validate your GDPR compliance.

The destruction and sanitisation of data begins within 24 hours of arrival at our secure facility.

Your certification will be sent electronically once all data-bearing media from your collection has been sanitised and or physically destroyed. Certificates of Destruction are also available to download from your secure Client Portal account.

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Redeployment & Refurbishment:

All data-bearing media is either sanitised or physically destroyed, depending on your requirements. All previous data is eliminated whether you re-use the existing storage drive or opt for a drive upgrade whilst recycling the old storage drive.

We ask what the devices being redeployed will be used for so we can upgrade and refurbish them to suit their new roles perfectly. There will be a significant performance gain after upgrades have been implemented and configured.

We can make any device look new. With our intelligent refurbishment techniques, even the most scratched and worn devices will look in the best cosmetic condition when refurbishment has concluded.

Yes, if required we offer a desk to desk service. Our team will attend on-site to asset inventory and then carefully remove the items you require refurbishing. After refurbishment has been completed, our team can reinstall the assets wherever needed in your organisation.

As standard, we supply a 1-year parts and labour warranty on all components which have been replaced and the work we undertake. Extended warranty options can also be discussed with your account manager.

Your IT department may have a master image with the operating system and software your organisation uses, we can deploy this to all refurbished items, saving you time and expense.

If you don’t have a master image, we can load the operating system with all drivers installed as it would directly come from the factory, providing an out of box experience. We can also incorporate specific software on each install based on your requirements.

All operating systems are genuine with full certification provided, ensuring your business’s security, compliance and peace of mind.  Manufacturer distributed firmware and BIOS updates are applied to ensure devices are running the latest performance and security patches.

Our packaging department carefully protects each device with innovative shielding solutions; this guarantees that devices will not be damaged during transportation and possible storage. Each item is then individually boxed with the asset description marked on each box. We can also print recipient details,  your unique internal asset code or any other details needed on each box.

The quality of our packaging is premium yet environmentally friendly. Therefore, end-users can enjoy an as new unboxing experience with all materials being recyclable for reuse again.

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