Sectors we work with

The most secure & Best Available
IT Disposal

Sectors we work with

The most secure & Best Available
IT Disposal

Trusted by organisations from all sectors and scales

We deliver a free, secure and accredited service to all sectors in the UK.

National IT Disposal is proud to be a proactive and forward-thinking IT Asset Disposal provider. We work with your organisation to ensure that it is compliant with all environmental directives and data related legislation when disposing of redundant IT equipment.

We provide the best available data sanitisation and destruction services, with full certification to guarantee that all information is permanently destroyed. Our disposal plans are unique to your organisation, ensuring all needs are fully met. This guarantees satisfaction and total peace of mind.

Schools & Educational Establishments

A shift towards digital learning in a constantly evolving IT landscape causes issues to arise, such as what to do with obsolete equipment, how to dispose of it safely whilst ensuring that all data on these devices is completely destroyed.

National IT Disposal works closely with educational establishments in the UK, from nurseries all the way to universities. We ensure that your institution follows GDPR and Data Protection legislation during the IT asset retirement process. This means you can focus on securing our future with the provision of brilliant education whilst we safely take care of your IT disposal and data destruction.

The Public Sector

Securing and destroying data on redundant IT equipment from the public sector is critical. This is because there is a massive amount of sensitive information such as details related to private individuals as well as classified department data stored.

National IT Disposal is the industry’s most secure solution provider. Every underlying aspect of our processes ensures the security of stored data, thereby protecting the trustworthiness of your organisation. We keep your environmental and data security credibility pristine with our zero-landfill policy and certified total data destruction methods.

Private Companies & Groups

For privately-owned companies, it is imperative that all redundant IT equipment is securely disposed of. This is because devices from the private sector hold a multitude of data related to your organisation, such as employee details, customer contracts, supplier details, research and development material, accounts and much more. If this confidential data was ever breached it would have major consequences on the competitiveness, market exclusivity and overall image of your business.

National IT disposal protects your business from fines issued by the Independent Commissioners Office (ICO) for not abiding by the GDPR. As an ICO accredited data processor, we securely destroy all of your data under GDPR using government-approved methods. We provide all data destruction certificates to keep you compliant with all legislative obligations,

Health Care Organisations

The healthcare sector holds the most sensitive and personal information about individuals. As digitisation and IT upgrades continue to be a priority for the NHS, data security has never been more important. The healthcare sector must ensure that it securely disposes of old IT and medical equipment to protect itself and maintain trust from patients that their privacy is always safeguarded.

National IT Disposal is trusted by healthcare providers for our robust failsafe security and certified data destruction methods. We’ve helped many NHS trusts deliver more from their budget with our fixed rebate revenue generation.

Media & Entertainment

Most professionals in the creative sector use IT to develop and deliver projects. Updates to software applications used in the industry drive the refresh rate of IT assets much quicker than any other sector. A vast amount of confidential internal data and client projects are stored on local machines, external hard drives and network-attached storage. National IT Disposal guarantees that all data on all devices is completely sanitised or physically destroyed. We supply certification for your records.

Devices used in this industry are generally high end and retain their value for longer. We can provide a positive return payment via our fixed rebate revenue generation if this is the case. Helping you offset the upgrade costs from your new equipment.

The Financial Sector

National IT Disposal delivers a comprehensive range of tailored solutions for IT recycling and data destruction to organisations in the financial sector. Our services make it very simple to retire your old hardware whilst complying will all environmental and data-related legislation.

With devices from this industry containing sensitive data about customers’ finances and investments, we provide complete peace of mind with our certified data destruction methods. All data is permanently destroyed, allowing you to protect your clients and your credibility.

Charitable Groups

National IT Disposal is always looking for ways to give back to the community and make life easier. This includes providing registered charities with free IT disposal services to safely and efficiently recycle old equipment without exposing sensitive data stored on it.

Our IT hardware recycling service provides the best available industry solutions for your charity’s specific needs and the opportunity to generate money from obsolete equipment. This can be a very helpful way to raise funds that are needed.

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